Teaching Philosophy

I believe that in a dance teaching setting the students come first.  Everything in the class should be based on what the students need in helping them to become artists. I believe in creating an inclusive space where everyone feels like they are always learning.    Sharing of ideas are welcome from anyone.

I believe that each student is an individual and with that being said, each class should be different and incorporate different learning styles.  For those students that are auditory learners, I will have classes that will be focused on counting, rhythmic patterns, listening to different music styles and how they influence our dance.  For visual learners, I will incorporate classes that do different exercises to learn by watching.  For kinesthetic learners I will have exercises where the students will learn by doing.  It is important that it is inclusive of all types of learners.

The way I manage a class is respect for all persons.  That includes respect for the teacher and respect for the students.  My expectations include hard work, always trying your best, never giving up, being kind to one another, staying focused and being open to trying new things.   I want to create a culture where dancers have admiration for each other and a space where there is not competition.  I will view each student individually in their own improvement and not against each other.

What I have learned from my own teachers is that growth comes from hard work. This is an attribute that I will deeply instill in my students.  There is only so much one can do to help a student if they are not putting in equal effort as the teacher.   Growing up I wasn’t the best dancer in the room, but I had a strong passion for dance that allowed me to learn and become my own personal best.

Dance is an outlet that helps the mind, body and spirit.  I use dance as creative expression when I’m feeling an emotion that I can’t verbalize.  While dance is also a chance for expression, it is an opportunity to be healthy and fit.  Dance is athletic and one can promote good health.  It is important to teach knowledge of what the body needs to be a dancer such as good nutrition, sleeping and positive reinforcement.

It is also important to promote that all bodies can dance.  My classroom will be not be judgmental of different body types.  My class will be accepting of everyone as long as they come with an open mind and have respect for others.   This includes understanding that dancers have different levels of ability.

I believe that learning never ends, and even though I am the teacher I will also be learning from my students.  The art of dance is always changing and therefore I will always be changing my teaching techniques to adapt as needed.  To be a teacher is a privilege, a joy to see students grow and learn, and to become better dancers every day.


Jazz, Contemporary, Modern, Tap, Broadway


solos, competition pieces